Learning Electronics



Beat The Brain

Electronic Lead

Skill Toy

Skill Toy - 2 Flashing LED's

Skill Toy PRO 

  Circuit Tester 3V and 9V 

Continuity Tester


Flashing LED - 2 LED

Transistor Control Systems

Moisture Indicator

Decision Maker

Bicycle Rear Flashing Light

 Little Bike Light

One Transistor FM Radio Microphone

TE Voyager - FM Transmitter

AM Radio

Voltage Regulators

USB Charger

Sensor Control Systems

Electronic Candle

Solar Tracker

Solar Follower

Intergrated Circuit (IC) Control Systems

Egg Timer

Tiny Flasher


Two Tone Doorbell

Simple Doorbell

Three Tone Doorbell

Infra-Red Door Alarm

LED Dice Fast Roll

Micro Dice

Micro Bike Light

Quiz Master 2

Quiz Master 2 with buzzer

Quiz Master 3

Quiz Master 3 with buzzer

Timer With Relay

3 UP - Decision Maker


Metal Detector




Single Melody Generator

Three Melody Generator

Multi Melody Generator

Mono Amplifier

Mini Amplifier

Stereo Amplifier

Automotive / Camping

Headlight Guard

Car Burglar Alarm

Flashing Beacon

Interior Light Extender

Double LED Trouble Light

12 V Battery Tester

Seatbelt Reminder

LED Camping / Work Light

Additional Light Bar - LED Camping / Work light


Radio Control

Transmitter 433 Mhz 4 Channel

Receiver 433 Mhz 4 Channel


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