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  1. On  the  plywood  (say  150 X 100mm) set out the positions for the bolts, the LEDs, and the P/B switch.  Drill 3mm holes  for  the  bolts, 6mm for the LED mounts and the switch
  2. Push  in  the  LED  mounts from the top and then the LEDs from the under side.  Tighten the switch into place.
  3. Bend the K legs of the LEDs to touch each other and solder  as  the diagram shows.  Use some tinned wire to connect to the switch.
  4. Join  bolt  21  to  the A leg of the green LED, and bolt 20 to the yellow LED, using tinned wire and soldered joints.
  5. Work out a sequence for wiring the bolts as the diagram shows.   To connect  to  the bolts : push the bolt through the hole in the plywood, bend the wire round the bolt and tighten  the  nut  to  hold  the  wire tightly against the plywood.  Follow the diagram to connect the correct bolts.  Join bolts 19, 18, 17, to the A legs of LEDs 1, 2,&3.
  6. Drill a small hole (D 1.5mm) and feed the black wire of the battery snap  through  the plywood.  Solder the 390R resistor to the black lead and the other leg to the pole of the switch.
  7. Solder the croc. clip to the RED wire of the battery snap.
  8. Mark the numbers against the red LEDs, and mark THE BRAIN WINS, and PERSON WINS.
  9. Mark  the  areas where you need to cut away some of the coolite to clear the switch, the LEDs etc.  Use either a sharp knife or a piece of wire heated in a flame to gouge  out  the  areas  required.   Push  the plywood  into place and tap the bolts to force them home.  Separate the plywood and coolite, apply some  drops  of  PVA  glue  and  push  home. Weight it down until the glue dries. Connect a 9V battery and you're ready to play.



    Strange  isn't  it  that  a deader than dead game that you made beats a highly intelligent person like you - every time !

    Well welcome to a little look at ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.    The mathematical arrangement  that  controls  the  game  is  called  an ALGORITHM,  and you simply cannot beat it.  If you analyse it carefully you can understand the mathematics and perhaps transfer it to another application some time.

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